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Austria Castles

Former victories, great personalities, remembrances of the power of the empire – these are the things that come to mind when you look at inaccessible strongholds in Austria. Built in medieval times as fortifications, they became a real pride of Austrian lands over time. A turbulent history of the Austrian Empire that had once ruled over a great part of Europe left several hundreds of castles and palaces. Styles from various periods intersperse with one another in their architecture – from the Gothic and Renaissance to the Baroque and Classicism. The history of some strongholds such as Hohenwerfen or Hohensalzburg dates back to almost a thousand years. On the other hand, strongholds such as Kreuzenstein or Liechtenstein are relatively young, they are a romantic reconstruction of ancient citadels. However, both the former and the latter have this unique charm and mysterious atmosphere, which arouses interest even among those who have never been medieval history enthusiasts.