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Hungary Castles

Ancient castles are one of the most important elements of cultural legacy, and Hungary is not an exception in this matter. The rich past, famous historical figures, legendary battles against partitioners, fights for the country’s independence – the stone walls of Hungarian strongholds undoubtedly have witnessed it all. The strongholds had to resists attacks led by Tatar-Mongolian Orda which after a victorious march across the land of Rus set off to conquer Europe. Although few Hungarian castles were able to withstand the attack of the Ottoman Empire’s army, nevertheless Sümeg Castle became famous for being an invincible stronghold that had not yielded to either Orda or Turkish rulers. A great castle in Budapest, located on the shores of the Danube, in the heart of Budapest, enjoys great fame and popularity among tourists today. Naming all Hungarian strongholds that deserve greater attention is simply impossible since there are more than eight hundred castles. Moreover, each of them only awaits to welcome warmly its guests and reveal its closely guarded secrets to them.