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Castles of Ireland

Boundless green flatlands among which wonderful and majestic medieval castles, the witnesses of ancient history, rise up – this is what attracts contemporary tourists to Ireland. The west part of the Emerald Isle is particularly crammed with this type of old buildings of historical interest, where you can see as many as several hundred castles in County Clare. Many Irish strongholds started a new life as elegant hotels after a thorough reconstruction, giving their guests an opportunity to experience this unique medieval romantic character. The most famous historic building in the Irish capital is Dublin Castle, a wonderful building that had been the seat of British governors for many centuries. Undoubtedly, Bunratty Castle also deserves attention. Its interior, dated from the 15th-16th century, was precisely restored and around its walls a picturesque open-air museum was established that presents the life of the Irish in the 19th century. The title of one of the most mystic Gothic buildings in Ireland unquestionably belongs to wonderful Charleville Castle. The coronations of Stuart family members were once held behind its walls.