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Lithuania Castles

Charming Lithuania, a country with clear lakes and ancient forests, is famous not only for its nature protection areas but also from its old architecture, the legacy of past periods. Stone Lithuanian castles, erected in the time of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in areas of wooden and earthen fortifications and hillforts, once reflected the country’s military and political power, and today they are one of the most popular tourist buildings. There are several hundred castles and stronghold complexes of historical interest in today's Lithuania. Many of them became a symbol of cities or the country. Wonderful medieval Trakai Island Castle, located on a drifting island at sapphire Lake Galvė is not only one of the most frequently visited Lithuanian strongholds, but also a gem of this old city. In the heart of the Lithuanian capital is majestic Gediminas' Tower. It is part of a castle complex in Vilnius; the national flag had flown many times on its top during the period of struggle for independence. Among the multitude of Gothic knightly castles in Lithuania, Norviliškės Castle is a real Renaissance gem; today behind its light and sophisticated walls stands a hotel that is completely soaked with old atmosphere.