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Castle in Gołuchów

The Wielkopolska Province is famous for its long tourist routes which often lead to breathtaking views of castles and palaces sometimes tucked in small towns and villages. A similar surprise awaits the visitors of Gołuchów, a small village located nearby Poznań where a castle worthy of the title of one of the most beautiful buildings in Poland stands. Subtle and sophisticated, full of works of art and unique furnishings, Gołuchów Castle will surely leave only exceptional memories in the heart of every French Renaissance and refined architecture lover. This amazing «piece of France» located in Poland was built thanks to famous noblewoman Izabela Elżbieta Działyńska of the Czartoryski family, who enriched its interior with a huge collection and transformed the castle into a public museum. In the 20th century the stronghold of Gołuchów served many times as a scenery during shooting historical movies, fairy tales for children and series.

History of Gołuchów Castle

The idea of building the castle, which became a gem of the Wielkopolska Province, on the shore of the Ciemna River is attributed to Rafał Leszczyński, a provincial governor of Brześć-Kujawy, a member of the well-known noble family, a famous ideologist of Protestant movement in Poland and the founder of a Protestant cathedral in Gołuchów. In 1560 Leszczyński started building a brick villa, a typical noble estate of that period, on his premises. The castle was based on a four-storey rectangular keep equipped with defensive, octagonal corner towers. The additional protection of Leszczyński's residence was provided by a moat filled with water from a nearby river as well as pools and bogs stretching around the stronghold.

At the beginning of the 17th century the stronghold in Gołuchów was inherited by Leszczyński's son, Wacław, who was educated at a few European universities and had a great career on the royal court after he turned to the Roman Catholic religion. In the time of Wacław the construction work lasted many years in Gołuchów Castle. As a result, a castle complex appeared next to the old residence, it started with a small two-storey palace with a pentagonal tower in its south-west part. Later the building was completed with two narrow wings; as a result, the inner courtyard of the castle was built. Peristyles decorated with arcades as well as luxurious items of chamber’s furnishings such as stone portals and fireplaces, moulding on the ceilings and numerous wooden dadoes crowned with sophisticated carvings were fashionable elements of that period. (more)

What can you see there?

The castle's appearance draws attention, it is decorated with pointy spires of elegant towers constructed in the spirit of the best traditions of French castles in the Loire valley, its wonderful collections and a picturesque park are undoubtedly the reason of endless tourist interest. A museum is housed in the main building of the castle complex. It has collections gathered by members of the Czartoryski family. A rich collection is ordered by themes in several rooms where every lover of monuments and sophisticated art will find something for themselves.

The museum's collections include ancient vases made before Christ, Baroque altars decorated with statues and carvings, Renaissance furniture, not mentioning numerous portrays, sculptures and other works of art from various periods. The castle's library protects a valuable collection of historical manuscripts and drawings made in the 16th-18th century. In the portrait gallery you can admire a rich collection of paintings presenting members of the Czartoryski family as well as other also well-known owners of Gołuchów Castle.

Another museum should be mentioned, the Forestry Museum, which today is located within a short distance from the castle in the so-called Czartoryski Palace. It presents slightly different but also interesting exhibit items: hunting trophies, stuffed animals, items of folk craft, photographs and graphics displays, arrangements made of tree bark and other brittle, natural materials. More than 600 species of trees and bushes grow in the beautiful castle park. Many of them were planted in the time of Izabela Elżbieta.

You can visit Gołuchów Castle:

from 09:00 to 16:00 (Tuesday-Friday), from 10:00 to 16:00 (Saturday-Sunday); in summer the opening hours may be extended.