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Sweden Castles

The Swedish castles, from severe medieval fortresses through wonderful palaces of royal dynasties, attract a huge number of tourists to this country. Everybody will find the rich collections, luxury interiors, famous historic background, wonderful gardens and parks of Swedish castles interesting. Even the castles which are private or owned by government agencies are usually open to public. This includes the beautiful Drottningholm Castle, where the royal family lives, as well as the famous Royal Palace in Stockholm, which is the official residence of the Swedish monarch and the seat of the government as well as the cabinet. The enormous citadels remember the Swedish turbulent war past; the Castle of Kalmar, where the famous Kalmar Union was signed; the Bohus Castle, which survived more than ten sieges but was never taken; as well as the castle on the island surrounded by water from all its sides – the Örebro Castle. The Gripsholm Castle built by the first king of the House of Vasa fascinates today's tourists with its light walls as well as neat and round towers.