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In small Switzerland there are around six hundred castles, whose walls seem to be a true reflection of the long history of this country. Massive bastions and citadels, magnificent palaces and medieval feudal castles being perfect part of beautiful natural landscapes easily prove that Switzerland can be proud not only of its reliable banks and accurate watches. Chillon Castle is the most popular Swiss fort, whose dark dungeon was immortalized by Byron in his poem. The favourable location of these three castles – Montebello, Castelgrande and Sasso-Corbaro, which you can see at the foot of the Alps in the city of Bellinzona, once proved to have been an effective defence for Bellinzona. The romantic Oberhofen Castle, risen over the smooth surface of Lake Thun, is known for its rich decorations in various styles, turrets left by different rulers in different periods. Also Gruyere, Aigle and Hallwyl, medieval Swiss castles, are extremely popular among tourists; they perfectly managed to keep the spirit of feudal times.