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Wales Castles

Ancient castles stand in Wales like the echo of bygone periods, like stern and silent guards. Their walls once witnessed many doughty battles and bloody clashes. Their majestic and austere appearance shows the turbulent past of Welsh lands and the proud valiant Celts who had defended their independence for many centuries, fighting against the English. Actually, many famous Welsh castles were erected on the orders of English monarchs, who intended to strengthen their power in this area. Thus the famous «iron ring» was established – a system of fortified castles built in the times of King Edward I; the most noteworthy castles are: Beaumaris Castle, Caernarfon Castle, Conwy Castle, and Harlech Castle. Located in South Wales, Caerphilly Castle is surrounded by moats filled with water. It is the third biggest castle in the United Kingdom, only Windsor Castle and Dover Castle are bigger. Chirk Castle, a well-known luxurious garden-park complex dating back to the mid-XVII century, can astonish visitors with its sophisticated and rich interior.