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Project ""

The mission of the „” project is creating the most popular service presenting information about Castles all over the world.

Objective of the project is history and tourism promotion through presenting high quality materials related to castles, to make everyone who will be reading and watching photos, virtual presentations and films, break away from everyday life and transfer to the times of princesses and knights walking around their chambers and on the walls of majestic castles. Another aim is popularization of history and castle legends. We will try to present the information in native languages of our visitors.

The „” project has also a different objective. It is promotion of the idea of teamwork, especially among children and teenagers, but not only.

The project is not commercial, however, the website contains elements generating incomes, they are advertisements or services like booking a room in a castle hotel. Thanks to that, the Castles company, established for the needs of the project, gains founds for its existence and further development.

More about project team

We are open to any form of cooperation that can facilitate implementation of the goals of the “” project we set ourselves. Persons / companies / institutions that are interested in cooperation are welcome to contact us.