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Rules of the game

The game is supposed to bring the castles closer to us, or maybe us to the castles :-} In the game we collect points, who has more of them is higher in the ranking. We earn points with our modules, but not only, within the framework of our game there are also dedicated contests with prizes, for example photographic contests, in which apart from material prizes we also gain points, who has more of them ...., we already know. Contests are governed by separate regulations, each time created for the needs of a given event.

During the game we collect points - the more points, the higher player is in the rating of the game, it was already said :-}. We have three types of points "Travel", "Knowledge", "Tactics" we collect them through different modules, which are described below. In addition to the points in the game we also collect "Coins" and "Diamonds", they will be helpful in the game itself.

Game modules:

"Visit castle" - you earn 250 points (travel) for visiting the castle. Castle shall be present on service. The module is available only in the mobile application.

"Missing castle". - You can earn 1000 points (travel), 1000 coins and 50 diamonds by sending photos of the castle, fortress, significant defensive walls, fortified church or cream, which are not yet available at service.

"Quiz" - You earn points by answering questions, in each round eight questions worth from 1 to 100 temporary coins and from 0 to 5 temporary diamonds. You decide when to change them to coins and diamonds, which we use in the game. Each wrong answer will reset the counter. Next to the coins you will also receive the same amount of points (knowledge) in the game.

"Photo Contests" - You get points for taking a given place in the contest, the number of points (travel) depends on the number of photos participating in it. We inform about the number of points during the process of submitting photos to the competition. Next to the points you get coins (in the same amount as the number of points) and diamonds. Points are also scored by voting one point (tactical) for each vote, goes to the voter.

After registering all the photos, the voting stage takes place. Players registered in the game vote for their favourite picture every day. The photo with the smallest number of votes is eliminated from further participation in the competition.