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Alnwick Castle

A short distance from the castle there is a stone which marks the spot where William the Lion was attacked by a party of English barons, unexpectedly and - according to a chronicler - at dinner without his helmet. It is also near here that Malcolm Canmore, King of Scotland, had been killed in 1093. In this border country it is hardly surprising that a powerful stronghold such as Alnwick (pronounced 'Annick') was built and, together with its various owners, became the focal point for so many historical events between the English and Scottish kings, especially the mighty Percy dynasty who, in their day, were the most powerful magnates in the kingdom.

History of Alnwick Castle

1093 - King Malcolm II of Scotland and his son are killed laying siege to Alnwick Castle. Scottish ambitions to annex Northumberland from Norman control is quashed. Within days the King;s influential Queen Margaret dies of her long standing illness.

1095 - A stone shell keep on a motte is built at Alnwick when Ivo de Vesci obtains the manor by marriage.

1136 - Alnwick is captured by David I of Scotland. (more in the History section)

Castle today

Access to the castle is very easy from the car park available. Alnwick is really popular with tourists, including Harry Potter enthusiasts, as Alnwick was used for the first Harry Potter film. Lots to see as you would expect, but do expect crowds.

Text by Fred Vincent