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Carisbrooke Castle

There has been a fortess at Carisbrooke since before the Norman Conquest, but the present castle with its massive earthworks and keep date back to 1100's.

History of Carisbrooke Castle

600's ~ Carisbrooke hill is used as a pagan cemetary.

998 ~ Vikings start their periodic occupation of the site as a base to attack the south coast of England. This in turn leads to the fortification of the siteby the kingdom of Wessex against the raiding vikings.

1066 ~ Following William the Conquerer's victory against the Saxons at the Battle of Hastings, to secure the channel the Isle of Wight is granted to his cousin, William FitzOsbern, who soon builds an early timber castle on the hill using the existing Saxon fortifactions.

1086 ~ The Domesday survey records the castle at Carisbrooke, inside the Saxon fort, with deep ditches and a bailey. (more in the History section)

Today the castle is a beautiful place to wander round and view the grounds.

Text by Fred Vincent