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Aberystwyth Castle

Aberystwyth's ruined towers stand on a windy headland above Cardigan Bay. As one of Edward I's first castles in Wales it never reached quite the same level of grandeur as Caernarfon or Conwy, though it was well protected by the sea on one side and a marsh on the other. The castle has an unusual diamond layout.

History of Aberystwyth Castle

1277 - Mason, Carpenters, smiths, quarrymen and workmen are sent from Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire, to commenced the building of the castle for Edmund, brother of Edward I.

1280 - The second keeper of the castle, Bogo de Knovil, already keeper of Cardigan, Carmarthen, Dinefwr and Carreg Cennen, reports to the King that the work carried out prior to his appointment is unsatisfactory; there is no army, garrison or provisions and no locks or bars on the town gates. He also criticizes the castle's construction: stating that the great tower was 'shaken day in day out by the great crash of waves' through its foundations being placed too near the castle ditch. Furthermore there is no harbour to supply the castle. (more in the History section)

Castle today

Access to the castle is free and open to the public, but you'll need to park in the town and walk towards the shoreline where the castle is located. For such a large important castle, there is little left of interest, which is a shame.

Text by Fred Vincent