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Camlais Castle

Finding Camlais Castle deep in the Brecon Beacons proved to be a challenge in itself from the road map we had. A small B-road off the A4215 that takes you through a farm yard and winds its way across a stream, across a cattle grid in the road where you can pull over and on the left, you will see a small motte. These are the only signs you will have to go by to find this small castle. A walks will take you to the motte, where you'll find stone foundations of the tower that once stood there. Nearby spectacular views are the most memorable feature to this castle, come hunting lodge.

History of Calmais Castle

1280's - The castle of Camlais is built by Earl Humphrey de Bohun VII to strengthen his hold on central Brecon after the victorious Edward I's campaign against Llywelyn the Last, which culminated in the death of the last prince of Wales and reduced threat by the Welsh against the English advancement of taking lands in central Wales.

The castle is never fully completed as the threat reduces further, being used more as a secure hunting lodge for its lord.

Camlais was a small castle, also known at times as Defynoch Castle. Very little of its structure now remains, but enough to show that its rocky motte supported a round tower, and that the only outer defence was a counterscarp bank.

Text by Fred Vincent