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Carreg Cennen Castle

Perched on a 300 foot high limestone crag, Carreg Cennen overlooks miles of rolling Welsh countryside in the heart of the Black Mountains. Human remains, possibly dating from the prehistoric period, have been found in the caves underlying the castle. The castle is one of the most spectacularly sited in all of Wales with spell-binding views and rich history and legends to match. Much of the castle we see today is of King Edward I's period and was a formidable fortress until it was dismantled following the War of the Roses


History of Carreg Cennen Castle

1100's - In the Middle Ages, Carreg Cennen is the administrative centre of the Welsh kingdom of Deheubarth, with the royal seat being located at nearby Dinefwr castle.

1176 - The death of the Lord Rhys sees primacy among Welsh princedoms pass to Gwynedd, under Llywelyn the Great.

1216 - The descendants of the Lord Rhys are plagued by family feuds. The enforced partition of lands between his heirs by Llywelyn sees Carreg Cennen pass to his son Rhys Gryg (Rhys the Hoarse). (more in the History section)

Castle today

When visiting Carreg Cennan it is well worth having a drive around the mountain roads to get a good look back at the castle and the stunning scenary, to get a good feel of how impressive the site is and how awe inspiring it would have been back in its day looking out across the Welsh countryside. Access to the castle is relatively easy from the car park that is well sign-posted, albeit being placed ontop of a mountain, expect a bit of a steep walk up to the summit. When exploring the site don't forget to take a torch so as you can explore the small cave that sits beneath the castle, as well as a waterproof coat, as even in summer there is always a risk of rain or drizzle due to its location. If you love castle~finding, Carreg Cennan is an absolute must.

Text by Fred Vincent