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Chirk Castle

Chirk Castle was built by Roger Mortimer who was granted the area following the defeat of Llywelyn the Last. He built the castle upon the site of a native Welsh castle. The castle has been occupied almost continuously for almost 700 years and sits on a hilltop with its best views over the Ceiriog valley to the south.

History of Chirk Castle

1282 ~ Following the defeat and death of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, the last native prince of Wales in the Second War of Welsh Independence, the lands of Chrik are granted by King Edward I to Roger Mortimer, a powerful March lord. He does this so as to share the financial burden and resources required to hold conquered lands with his richer magnates, and in doing so establishes a number of Lordships at Chirk, Denbigh, Hawarden, Holt and Ruthin. In each of these areas the Lord is responsible for building a castle to secure the area.

1295 ~ Work on the castle starts following a serious Welsh uprising, and continues for the next fifteen years. Roger Mortimer secures assistance from personnel who have worked with Master James of St George, the King’s chief architect, on the King's castles such as Beaumaris Castle. However the castle is never fully completed. (more in the Hisory section)

Castle today

Today the castle is in a fabulous state of repair and has both a medieval and tudor feel to it. The interior of the castle is exceptional and well worth a visit. Find the castle and gaining access to it is very easy.

Text by Fred Vincent