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Castell Dinas

Castell Dinas, at 1,476 feet is the highest castle in England and Wales and takes about 30 minutes to ascend to the summit.

History of Castell Dinas

1070 - William Fitz Osbern and his son Roger de Breteuil, Earls of Hereford build a stone castle on the site of an ancient hill fort.

1093 - Brecon castle is built nearby, which significantly reduces the strategic importance of Castle Dinas.

1207 - King John grants the castle to Peter Fitz Herbert. (more in the History section)

Access to the castle is by parking off the road opposite the Castle Inn pub and heading across country via a rough track that increasingly becomes extremely steep and will test your fitness, so good footwear is essential, and advisable you take your time. This site was originally an Iron Age hill fort 600 BC to 50 AD, long before the castle was built in the 11th century. When you reach the summit you will discover crumbling walls mainly covered with earth and the outlines of ditches and ramparts from the original Iron Age fortifications, commanding extensive views up into the Black Mountains. There is surprising plenty to explore as the site is quite extensive and views simply stunning. Well worth the climb. Take care when descending as although it takes about half the time, it is easy to lose your footing! A fabulous place to explore.

Text by Fred Vincent