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Dolbadarn Castle

Huge steep-sided mountains loom on both sides of the Llanberis Pass as the road winds down towards Caernarfon and the coast. Here can be found Dolbadarn Castle, still standing sentinel to the route it once guarded. When Llywelyn the Last retreated to his mountain stronghold to escape Edward I, the Llanberis Pass was the main route to the farmlands of Anglesey, whence most of the Welsh supplies came. Dolbadarn Castle has to be one of the most iconic and beautifully set castles in all of Wales, if not the whole country. The scenery is simply stunning. An absolute must see for any castle-finder.

History of Dolbadam Castle

1201 - Llywelyn ab Iorwerth (Llywelyn the Great) sweeps away all the ruling welsh opposition of his uncles and cousins to become ruler of Gwynedd. Later the same year his position is further strengthened by a treaty with King John who recognises Llywelyn's title to all the lands which he rules in north Wales.

1205 - Llywelyn marries King John's illegitimate daughter Joan.

1210 - The supremacy of Gwynedd over native Wales is firmly established, making Llywelyn the real power in Wales. In doing so he incurs the wrath of King John. (more in the History section)

Text by Fred Vincent