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Dryslwyn Castle

Dryslwyn stands prominently atop a small and steep sided hill at the centre of the broad Tywi valley. Barely four miles south-west of Dinefwr, and directly overlooking the river, for much of the Middle Ages the castle controlled one of the few crossing points on the meandering stretch of water above Carmarthen.

History of Dryslwyn Castle

1197 - Death of the Lord Rhys, prince of South Wales. His sons contest the succession to his kingdom resulting in a prolonged conflict between the brothers in which castles are captured and recaptured.

1216 - Llywelyn the Great, prince of Gwynedd, emerges as the one true power in all Wales and summons the quarrelling princes to resolve the succession. Rhys Gryg (Rhys the Hoarse) accepts the south-east partition of his fathers kingdom and with it the castles of Dinefwr and Dryslwyn. Together with his kin, they rule South-Wales by the grace of Llywelyn.

1230's - The building of Dryslwyn Castle begins (more in the History section).

Access to the castle is from a car park across the road from the castle grounds just over the bridge. As you make your way up to the castle you will be able to make out the foundations of the village that once surrounded the castle.

Text by Fred Vincent