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Narbeth Castle

Narbeth is a rectangular single ward stone castle with four corner towers set on a steep sided knoll of a hill. The gatehouse was set into the north wall and could well have been linked to the dominant north-east tower with its great dungeon. Its location was well within reach of the Glyndwr Rebellion though the castle and the surrounding area remained under English influence under the watchful eye of Thomas Carrew.

History of Narbeth Castle

1116 - The first records of an occupied castle at Narbeth.

1402 - The influential Baron Roger Mortimer joins forces with Owain Glyndwr following his capture. As a result his younger brother, Edmund Mortimer, forfeits his castle at Narbeth.

1404 - Thomas Carrewe is awarded with a Lordship in recognition of his small garrison of men-at-arms and bowmen, keeping the castle and surrounding area secure from Owain Glyndwr's Welsh rebellion, when all other surrounding castles and towns have fallen or their garrisons fled. (more in the History section)

Text by Fred Vincent