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Neath Castle & Abbey

Neath Castle can be found in the centre of the town, located next to a supermarket car park, now used as a small recreational area. There is little that remains of the castle except its twin-towered gate house.

History of Neath Castle

1120's ~ The first castle earthworks are built by Richard de Granville, to protect an important crossing point of the river. The site is chosen next to the Roman fort of Nidum who also recognised its importance. However, the site is abandoned quite quickly. Richard founds Neath Abbey next to it.

1180's ~ A motte and bailey castle is built to replace the early abandoned castle due to the growing threat of the Welsh. The castle is beseiged by Caradoc ap Iestyn, Lord of Afan. (more in the History section)


By far more interesting is the abbey that is located nearby which is a fantastic place to explore with easy access from the road where there is plenty of parking.

Fred Vincent