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Newport Castle

Newport Castle is situated beside the tidal mouth of the River Usk with impressive towers commanding the crossing. However, sadly there is little else that remains on this once important castles. It is best viewed from the bridge, although some of the scant remains of the ruined buildings within the castle walls can be veiwed behind iron railings. The castle does however have a rich history dating back to the early Norman and Flemish conquest of South Wales.

History of Newport Castle

1100 ~ Robert Fitz-Hamon gives lands to Robert of Hay who builds a motte 50 feet high in a commanding position at Newport.

1172 ~ King Henry II stays at the castle.

1184 ~ Following a Welsh attack on the castle, King Henry II orders its custodian Hywell ap Iorwerth to make repairs to the castle. (more in the History section)

Text by: Fred Vincent