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Ogmore Castle

The pretty riverside setting of Ogmore Castle belies its medieval strategic location close to the sea, on the marshy floodplain of the Ewenny and Ogmore rivers. The ruins of Ogmore Castle continue to overlook this fording place across the Ewenny, now marked by a picturesque series of stepping stones. Built by the advancing Normans in the closing years of the 11th century, Ogmore was originally an earth-and-timber 'ringwork' castle, but later as with most important Norman castles, acquired a powerful stone keep.

History of Ogmore Castle


1090's - Following the death of the Welsh prince, Rhys ap Tewdwr, King William II grants lands to many of his trusted courtiers throughout Wales. Robert Fitzhamon moves from his base in Gloucester as far west as the Ogmore river.

1100's - William de Londres, second Earl of Gloucester establishes an earth-and-timber castle at Ogmore.

1116 - The castle is threatened with a Welsh attack. (more in the History section)

Text by Fred Vincent