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Oystermouth Castle

Set on a hill overlooking the Mumbles of Swansea Bay is the beautiful and unusual castle of Oystermouth which dates back to the 12th century. When we first visted this castle back in the 1990's the castle was in the care of the voluntary group Friends of Oystermouth and was quite ruinous inside, with the interior covered in debris with limited access to much of the castle, still covered in vegitation.

History of Oystermouth Castle

1106 ~ Henry Beaumonth, Earl of Warwick, becomes the first Norman Lord of Gower who builds himself a castle at Swansea. He divides his richest farming land amongst his closest followers, with the manor of of Oystermouth going to the de Londres family, who hold nearby Ogmore castle.

1203 ~ The powerful Marcher Lord, William de Braose becomes Lord of Gower and takes Oystermouth for himself.William sets about remodelling the keep and its defences.

1215 ~ Welsh rebels attack and burn the castle in retaliation against the harsh rule of de Braose. (more in the History section)

Castle today

Following emergency work in 2005 to protect its crumbling walls and a six year comprehensive restoration progress that started in 2006, the castle you now find is one of the best preserved in all of Wales, still under the care of the care of the Friends of Oystermouth.

Access to the castle is a short stroll from the town and there is limited parking near the castle.

Text by Fred Vincent