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Pennard Castle

Pennard Castle, overlooking the spectacular Three Cliff Bay and its fantastic beaches, is the perfect example why we love Castle Finding. Despite the ruins of the castle being insignificant on their own, set against the backdrop of this spectacular location, it makes the walk so worthwhile.

History of Pennard Castle

1110 ~ Henry de Beaumont, Earl of Warwick, builds himself a ringwork castle at Pennard.

1322 ~ Kind Edward II's court favourite Hugh le Despenser is given a Royal licence to obtain the castles of the Lordship of Gower, including the rebuilt stone castle of Pennard, which the Mowbray family had recently completed including a new twin-towered gatehouse and curtain wall. The castle is abandoned due to the unforseen unrelenting encroachment of sand which the high seaborne winds wreck havoc against the stone walls of the castle and the thatched roofs and wooden buildings within its court yard, making living conditions intolerable for its inhabitants. Eventually the entire site is enveloped under shifting sand dunes.

1650 ~ A survey describes the castle as desolate and ruinous.

You can park at the golf-course and you'll soon see the sign-posted path that crosses the course. Make sure you keep to this and after about 20 minutes you'll come to the castle, and upon arriving at the gatehouse you'll be met by the fabulous views. Exploring the castle won't take long, but the sandy climb down to the gorgeous beach will take far longer, and is a real treat.

Text by Fred Vincent