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Usk Castle

Usk Castle is one of the most picturesque castles we have ever discovered. Today manicured lawns and beautiful gardens fill the castle grounds, surrounded by ivy clad walls and towers. It has a romantic 'secret garden' charm about it. The site itself dates back to the Romans who built a fort here. Famous lords of Usk include Richard, Duke of York, whose son (reputed to have been born at Usk castle) became King Edward IV. Also Elizabeth, Queen of Henry VII, Valentine Morris of Piercefield and the Dukes of Beaufort.

History of Usk Castle

55AD ~ The Roman's build a fort on the banks of the River Usk on the 'pointed hill', upon the site of an ancient bronze age hill fort. The fort is the headquarters for the XX Valeria Victrix legion and springboard for further campaigns into Wales.

1120 ~ The Norman's build a castle and town on the banks of the River Usk. The town is protected with four gateways and ditch.

1138 ~ The castle is captured by the Welsh. (more in the History section)

Usk is a beautiful town with many interesting places to visit. There is a rural life museum, many small and interesting shops to browse in and plenty of places to eat. Parking in the main car park is free and gives good access to all parts of the town, including the castle.

Text by Fred Vincent