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Romania's Castles

The Romanian land is full of cultural heritage, which is reflected in beautiful castles and palaces; Romania swarms with them. Corvin Castle in Hunedoara, which belonged to the Hunyadi family, a powerful Hungarian magnate family, gained the reputation of a real gem of Gothic culture. However, not only historical and cultural aspects or national traditions are interesting for a lot of tourists visiting Romania and its castles but also legends about the great Transylvanian villain, vampire Dracula. Several medieval Romanian castles aspire to be his gloomy hideaway but Bran Castle near Braşov is the most famous and popular. Apart from massive and severe medieval buildings, Romania also has castles which are rightly considered the most beautiful not only in the country but also in Europe. A great example of an extraordinary building is Peleș Castle in Sinaia whose architecture organically combines features from several styles.